"Strengthening frustration education is very important



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"Strengthening frustration education is very important



Growth needs setbacksLife is like tea general,and only after the water the food and clothing,can show it the essence of life; Life is like bitter coffee general,and only after many bitter,can develop a taste it simple fragrance; Life is just like the eagle general,and only after numerous fall,to practice hard across the wings dare...After the fire,the baked smoldering form of trunk to be forestry experts to "the death penalty,but to,the second year come spring,all of the trunk and all but they new bud,the ashes of cremation,became the new breeds of fertilizer.With setbacks,will be desperate to see in hope,so,to have the life.Between trance,I saw the familiar names.That is a great poet song dynasty su shi.Officials in the BianZhi again,with his family separations had only on to drink,but did not forget to "I wish people for a long time,miles of cicada Juan" blessing.The ensuing trials to make su dongpo infinite sour taste,in his BianGuan TuanLian ode to the mutual activities,you cliff again as strong,leaving "dajiang east to go to" of pride,"its dust OARS ash" open-minded.If not at the beginning of BianZhi,no original departure,and which have a catchy lines today?"People than yellow flower thin" li qingzhao,bumpy life let a person gasp in admiration.In his later years continuous wars,the husband died,calligraphy and painting property is sweeping out and fell into a deep poverty.Just has that "much transformed everything Sue,desire language first tears flow" sad.Visible,we need the setback,with it,is a popular song was beautiful.Setbacks often happened in my side,an examination of the loss is the most common case.With a sharply setbacks,in a struggle and hard,just had one of the top success.In the race before the celebrity,the frustration I regrouped,energetic,I firmly believe that the sunshine after the rain,the next race will have my name.Setbacks will grow up together,but "pain is the prelude of success".Meet suffering are necessary,do not experience the storm how to see rainbow,no one can casually succeed



在挫折中成长 挫折是一笔宝贵的财富,生活需要挫折!——题记人生变化多端,它如同无边无际的大海,时而巨浪拍岸,时而风平浪静。













1. it is necessary to work hard to defeat any of setbacks in front of you.努力去战胜任何你面对的挫折时有必要的2 toughly, we should overcome setbacks.我们因该顽强的战胜挫折.3 Setbacks should be overcame stubbornly.挫折需要被顽强的被战胜。



Frustration Education should be Strengthened among College Students It is universally acknowledged that college students should be guided correctly to face frustrations in life. Frustration is inevitable during our life, and frustration education should be carried out among colleges and universities. The truth of it is deep and profound. A great many remarkable illustrations contribute to this argument. A case in point is that there are an increasing number of college students committing suicide each year when confronted with some kind of frustration. This is close to suggest that strengthening frustration education allows of no delay. As a matter of fact, it seems that successful people tend to be good at dealing with frustrations. Moreover, most of the students are often annoyed and discouraged by frustrations instead of drawing lessons. Judging from the evidence offered, we might safely draw the conclusion that frustration education is essential to the college students. But what is worth noting is colleges should also provide psychological service for the students while giving frustration education. To conclude, college students should be guided in the right path when facing setbacks in life.

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